In memoriam László Tuza
light-shadow installation in a hot spring, 170 lumen LED, ceramic – made by László Tuza (1949-2016), motor, various size, Török Sándor Bath Hódmez
ővásárhely / HU

I have spent unforgettable time and deep conversations with my dear college László Tuza, in the outdoor thermal bath, while we watched the flying steam. After László 'crossed the water', I decided to project the shadow of his sculpture into the ascending steam.


Interactive light installation / archive pictures from Mr. Michihiro Ota / slide projector bamboo, handmade Japanese Mino washi paper by Toyomi Suzuki, tatami mats / dimension variable / 2016

The installation based on the pinhole phenomenon. In Japan this phenomenon appeared naturally because of the fusuma* doors, and the paper panelled shoji **walls. So the traditional Japanese architecture is actually a camera itself.

interactive light installation / archive images from Mito Public Library, Mine Public Library, and Yuda Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association/ projector, 650W light beam / dimension variable / 2016

The installation Keeping Shadows invites the visitor to participate. Collected archive images show the tradition and the people’s life of Yamaguchi. In the exhibition an over lighted projection hides the images, which only became visible throw interaction.
While visitors steps into the light, their body became the medium to show “the features of this land”.

interactive light installations

The installation seeks to transpose artistic research into practice by actively involving the viewer. In these works which depend on the recipient’s activity, the viewer is recast as a researcher, creator and discoverer, and the works are projected in the exhibition space by means of light controlled by the viewer. It is more like an event that an exhibition.


light installation / rubber tyre, light / 31x31x10 feet + projection / 2015

For my first time to the US, I chose a few classic American novels to read.  On the Road by Jack Kerouac was particularly moving, and inspired me to create the piece “Becoming.”  For me, a tyre represents freedom; for many Americans, it also symbolizes progress and speed.  In addition, rubber (caoutchouc) tyres are recycled and made into asphalt, therby transformed into the road itself. 

CULT - Hommage à Bertalan Székely, light installation, size variable, 2016

The Hungarian historical painter Bertalan Székely loved the village Szada, and he is still celebrated by the citizens. His Atelier – if not the whole village – kept his aura. This, non visible, cultist phenomenon appears in the installation. The footsteps of the painter stays in the studio flour, since he is present until today.

light installation / candle, mirror, LED light, wood / 18x6x5 in / 2015

When we look into a mirror, there is actually a slight time difference between what we see and what we perceive.  There is an appreciable and calculable interval of time between the throwing by a man of a glance at his own face in a mirror and the registration of the reflected image in his eye. 

video installation / size variable

Everyday phenomenon, like window reflections can also be used as an interface to show something invisible. Light and its reflection may create ghost like pictures, as the 16th-century scientist Giambattista della Porta had alread
y pointed out in his work Magia Naturalis (Natural Magic) 1584. 

AR installation, Parthenon -Frieze Hall Budapest / 2012

Time and memory became the main topics of an experiment based on Augmented Reality. The installation was part of a PhD research project into the artistic usage and possibilities of immersive and augmented virtual reality. Using Augmented Reality, the past and the present placed together, and time passed became visible.

TIME MACHINE / interactive video installation / 2014

Time Machine [2014] built as an hommage á Erdély, who influenced generations with his way of thinking. The interactive video installation using two projectors, so the present and the past are mixed together, while the picture from the past already contains two different time-layers.

WE / video installation / industrial mino washi paper, archive picture (1917), HD video 1’28” (2014), overhead projector, digital projector / size variable / 2014

The interactive installation is a two side projection, where the visitors recolor an old picture of the riverside of Mino city (Japan). Throw the participation the visitors became active part of the work, and in philosophical dimension,: being active is the key of keeping the tradition.          

EYE EXECISES / wood, photo on paper / various in size [2014]

We loos dimensions in the process of taking pictures. Several innovation deals with keeping the dimension, such as the stereoscopes and stereo viewers developed in the 19th century. Two points of view is the essence of seeing three dimensions. Watching stereo pictures in stereo viewer, we can see the distance in between objects. In mixed pictures - archive and recent - our eyes process the change in our brain. But our eyes have to exercise to see the layers of time.
installation / wood

The project called Case Study, poses certain questions.: “What people or generally the society expect from the artist?” or  “What does it really mean to be a contemporary artist?” and asks the question: “What the Museum means for you?”

steel, wood, mirror / 20x20x20cm; 30x30x30cm; 60x60x100cm
The project plays with the sensation of space and trust of our own senses. I focused on the possibilities of being in space without material. I placed objects between concave mirrors, so they lost their materiality and through a certain transformation, they appeared to be floating in the three dimensional space. 


soudn installation / handmade mino washi paper, iron oxide (FeO), nebeshi glue, tape recorder, tatami mats, meditation pillow / size variable / 2014

I have been recorded sound into mino washi paper during the MINO-AIR artist in residence program in Mino city. My experiment was a kind of rediscovery of the possibilities of paper.

Hommage á Tibor Vilt 
The solo exhibition: Hommage a Vilt Tibor presented in the Parthenon-friz Hall in Budapest in 2006. The title of the exhibition became the title of the series of electromagnetic experiments created in between 2004 and 2009. 
The experiment with electromagnets is really a research that combines theory with practice.  The starting point was an unrealised idea / project of the Hungarian artist Tibor Vilt (1905-1983) who wanted to create levitating sculptures in 1973.


REMINDER – Lights for the Community / light installation in public space, Utica, NY/ solar cell, LED, iron / 700x200x20cm 2015

I created the outdoor light sculpture especially for the new community garden.  As you can see, the sculpture is almost invisible in the day -- this is when the solar cells in the lights collect the sunlight. Once the sun sets, the lights turn on and shine all night.

Interactive light installation / 600W light / dimension variable 

Fading Shadows is a light path leads into the gallery, which visitors need to pass. The installation vanishing the ‘proof of existence‘- as philosophy describe our own shadow. As a symbolic act, visitors enter or leave the exhibition without shadow, and so they need to search for it. 


CREATING SHADOWS light installation / Houkai-seki (calcite) crystal, 650W light beam / dimension variable

The installation Creating Shadows is using the Houkai-seki calcite crystal, one mineral of the mountains of Yamaguchi.  The work refers to the geological position of Yamaguchi, because the name of the land also contains light and shadow. Chugoku region consists of two different parts, considering the way of the sun. 

CONNECTION / mino washi paper (handmade by the artist), plexi glass, LED light / light 
box / 150x300x300mm / 2014

The light box created using traditional paper cutting technique and handmade mino washi paper. The image shows the Shinkansen bullet train navigating board. The work searches for connections between the tradition and the future by combining traditional technique and material, with the latest technology.

DIGITAL HIDE / interactive Augmented Reality installation / Rietveld UnCut ‘THE LIVING OBJECT’ 2011 de Brakke Grond, Amszterdam [2011]

My project is built by Augmented Reality codes. The AR is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. It is related to a more general concept called Mediated Reality which is a view of reality modified by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.

TIMED SPACE / sound instalaltion / 125 quartz clock movements, paper 600x100x10 cm Schaufenster Kunstverein, Dusseldorf / DE 2010

The whole installation built by Quartz clock movements. These movements carry black (or white)  sheets, moving toward into every second. Time became visible in this manner, while the viewer walking beside the exhibition window. The small vibration made the moving of the second, create a wave, moving beside the viewers.

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